Remember the Green Party (Toledo City Paper, 8/31/2011)

by Jessica Weinberg, Co-Chair, Lucas County Green Party

In discussing “Something Old, Something New in City Politics,” (August 3, Poetry and Fiction), Johnny Hildo overlooked something new and important. The Lucas County Green Party is running two City Council candidates, both lifelong Toledoans: Anita Rios (District 4), and Sean Nestor (District 6).

The Green Party is a worldwide political party committed to guiding the principles of social justice, nonviolence, ecological wisdom and grassroots democracy. Green candidates accept no corporate PAC money. At the national level, the party supports eliminating most of the military budget to pay for social and educational programs, including publicly funded health care for all and creative programs for youth. As council members, Rios and Nestor would, rather than asking us to accept local budget cuts, demand Washington give our money back. They would promote job creation by small businesses, rather than large corporations.

Rios is committed to keeping youth out of trouble by providing internships and apprenticeships; to using “sweat equity” to get families into homes and create co-housing; and to resisting privatization deals that cost public sector jobs.

Nestor, whose background is computer technology, would create accessible summaries of the city budget and governing documents; pro-actively engage the public in discussions about city matters; and promote sustainable technological initiatives, including green energy. We encourage voters to visit and for more, or call our campaign manager, Stacy Jurich, at 419-290-1259. Please remember: the top * two* vote-getters in the September 13 primary in each district will be the candidates in the November general election.

Ms. Rios and Mr. Nestor’s campaign kick-off press conference was attended by Fox, WTVG and the Sojourner’s Truth newspaper. Why have so many media, including the City Paper, ignored this alternative to politics as usual?

Originally published by the Toledo City Paper.

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