Central Committee

The Central Committee is the governing body of the Lucas County Green Party. It is responsible for communicating party activity with the Lucas County Board of Elections and the Green Party of Ohio. Its members determine the policies and actions of the party on matters both internal and public.

Membership in the Central Committee is determined by public vote during the primary elections held during even-numbered years. There may be anywhere from three to fifteen at-large seats, each with a term length of two years. Upon election, the Central Committee elects among itself four officers: two gender-balanced co-chairs, one secretary, and one treasurer. Those interested in applying for a seat must complete and submit form 2-L to the Lucas County Board of Elections no later than 90 days before a state-wide primary election. Vacant seats can be filled by appointment.

2016 – Present

Douglas Jambard-Sweet (Treasurer)
Alexandra Kendzierski (Co-Chair)
Tanasio Loudermill (Co-Secretary)
Debby Manera-Smith (Co-Secretary)
Sean Nestor (Co-Chair)
Anita Rios

2014 – 2016

Colleen Eldridge (Co-Chair)
Douglas Jambard-Sweet (Secretary)
Alexandra Kendzierski
Sean Nestor (Co-Chair)
Abigail Patridge
Anita Rios
Gabe Rios (Treasurer)
Rebecca Wood

2012 – 2014

Katrina Bacome
Dale Bogucki
Amjad Doumani
Stacy Jurich
Sean Nestor (Co-Chair, Treasurer)
Anita Rios (Co-Chair)
Gabe Rios (Secretary)

2010 – 2012

Danielle Davis (Secretary)
Anita Rios (Co-Chair)
Jessica Weinberg (Co-Chair)

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